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Star Lord Boot Covers

I’m not going to lie, the boot covers were intimidating. I found some tutorials online, but didn’t think I had the leather-working skills to pull them off effectively. So, I outsourced the labor.

I found a gentleman named James Neathery who is pretty good with leather.  Having already made numerous copies of these boot covers, I sent him a message asking him to make a pair for me. If anyone is interested in custom projects, I’ll post his business card in the bottom of this blog post.

So, here is what they look like (with rocket booster mounted) side by side with the screen used boot covers:

While not exact, these things are pretty darn good.

While not exact, these things are pretty darn good. Of course, Chris Pratt’s are more weathered…

You can see the quality of the leatherwork, here. They are well made. Each cover comes in two parts, the front and back.  The straps stretch around the leg and fasten to rivets on the back of the boot covers.  There is an elastic strap on the bottom that loop over the shoe, holding the cover in place. Having seen a picture of the clip on the back of my rocket boosters, James placed a strap on the side that allows me to attach them snugly.

Here’s a picture of the back:

Here is the back. The straps actually attach to a second leather piece.

Here is the back. The straps actually attach to a second leather piece.

I must say, they fit really well. James asked for some measurements so they fit me perfectly and over the pants I purchased for this outfit.

Overall, I’m really pleased.  For an added bonus, I have a video showing the boot covers and what they look like when worn.

Finally, here is James’ business card.

Starboard Sky Leather Business Card

The Boots…er Shoes…?

Let’s start by taking a look at these things.  Here are a few pictures of the screen used costume pieces:

Another angle from the RPF.

Another angle from the RPF.

View from the back.

View from the back.

Like pretty much everything else Star-Lord wears, I’m pretty sure that these are custom made. They are definitely boots.  The bottoms look like sketchers with a sneaker like sole. At first, I thought he was simply wearing sketchers with boot covers. However, when you examine the back of his legs, you can definitely tell that he is wearing boots.  They are weird boots, but boots nonetheless.

As I saw it, I had two ways of tackling these.

  1. Buy Sketchers. Proper boot covers would conceal the fact that I’m not wearing shoes.
  2. Find boots – hope they look somewhat like the screen used versions.

I chose to go with option 1. Because the majority of whatever boots I bought would be covered by the boot covers, it made sense to me to focus on making the exposed part of the footwear – the part on my feet – match as best as possible. It also occurred to me that running in boots sucks. A lot. Wearing shoes would make things a lot easier.

For matching shoes, I went with these:

Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon!

These sketchers seem to match the base of the boots fairly well. In particular, I noticed that the soles as viewed from the sides appears to be dead on.  So, these are what I went with. Let’s hope that it’s not too noticeable that I’m not wearing boots!

The 5k is getting closer and closer…